Keith Somers


Dear Reader of My Review;
While still basking in the afterglow of having contracted Ibrahim Mikhail and his company I felt it best to let others know of our personal experience.
Short version is:  I think what Ibrahim was able to achieve in photographing our home is nothing short of sublime!
Ibrahim’s was able to embody the essence of our newly remodeled (2019)  hillside home in his photographs in a way that we had only hoped a photographer would be able to capture.
I’m also quite pleased of myself in that I opted to take Ibrahim up on his offer to expand his photo session by adding on a “drone” picture capturing session on the heels of him photographing our home.
The drone pictures he captured of our hillside, horseshoe enclave home are nothing short of magical !
I liked his website, at the onset.  Then, after speaking with him on the telephone I was left with a good gut feeling about both him, particularly his diverse skill sets (i.e. him having photographed in excess of @1,500 homes).  His pre-photo shoot professionalism only further served to quell whatever nervousness I may have initially felt about whether or not I was making the right choice of photographer.
BUT NOW,. . . .that we have the final product, . . .it is undeniable that I made the perfect choice when hiring IM Photos
I can’t recommend Ibrahim enough.  If you’ve ever had the experience of participating in task alongside of someone who was Divinely appointed to perform that same task as a vocation, that is truly what it’s like watching Ibrahim photograph.
We have no reservation about rehiring Ibrahim again, to photograph the major upgrades we make to our home.
Bravo Ibrahim/IM Photos, BRAVO!

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